A week is not enough. Community response to Black Mental Health Week is growing. Check out these initiatives happening throughout the year as we spotlight conversations from Black Mental Health Week that continue to build.

TAIBU Healing Circles Project

Mental health can affect everyone. But when we think about the impacts of generations of anti-Black racism, systemic inequities, and everyday trauma and fatigue, then Black Mental Health is a different conversation.

Multigenerational enslavement, oppression, colonialism, racism, and segregation have left Black communities with inequities including higher unemployment rates, low-income, difficulty finding family doctors, and fewer mental health programs and services in lower income areas.

We know we deserve Better.

Sankofa means to ‘go back and get.’ To look into our past and find ways to heal our communities in holistic, Africentric ways, instead of simply reducing harm.

What does healing look like to you? Are you a member of the Black community? Are you a Black mental health practitioner? Are you a practitioner serving the Black community? It that’s you, contact TAIBU Community Health Centre and let’s continue the conversation.

Click here to complete the TAIBU Healing Circles Project survey.

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